Mastering Fire - Color Tattoo Course

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Full comprehensive guide to tattooing color and color blending/transition

Mastering Fire isn't just about tattooing fire, its about learning how to transition tones between one another and to grasp a better understanding of the relationship between cool tones and warm tones even in pieces like "fire tattoos" where at first glance can appear monochromatic. This guide should help you better understand how to tattoo a "glow effect" that you can then carry out onto your next tattoo!

What is waiting inside - 
4 + Hours of Tattooing
10 Transparent .PNG Flames
My technique on color blending
Tattoo Photography 
Full access and Replay-ability  
& so much more!

This course stays online, you will always have access to this course forever, plus I constantly make updates to this course. All my courses are always “evolving!”

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This is only the beginning, there will be many more courses to come! Thank you, share and enjoy!

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