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Thanks so much for considering me for your tattoo artistry! The current wait time is about 3-6 months.

I love to work on designs that match my style: realism and surrealism, including portraits and realistic scenes, I do love taking a realism approach to Anime and love me some Bio-mechanic/organic, honestly… I like doing alot of styles! Please take a moment to explore my portfolio to see if we're a good match.

DEPOSIT & PRICING INFORMATION: (all deposits go towards the final price of the tattoo)

  • PRICING VARIES FROM PIECE TO PIECE: I charge $2000 for the day (Exceptions are made for smaller pieces, ie: 1-2 hour tattoos.) All though I try my best to help as much as I can, I always want to make sure that expectations are not over inflated or underwhelmed. Sleeves for example can range drastically as I do a full range of styles and colors (all depending on what the client has in mind). Always best to email so we can discuss the idea at hand!

  • SINGLE SESSION TATTOOS: (Single session tattoos are pieces like portraits, anything under 6-8 hours) a deposit of $500 is required to secure the date.
    (Sleeves, large scale projects that need 2 or more sittings) a deposit of $1000 is required to secure the dates.


All designs are custom, and the cost is included in the tattoo price. I'm a firm believer in getting your design right - after all, it's going to be with you forever.

The DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE but if a client needs to reschedule for whatever reason, we will do our best to reschedule and pass the deposit over so the deposit is not lost.


Two to four weeks before your session, we'll start working on the design. Using Zbrush, Daz3d, and Keyshot, I'll create a completely unique design that won't be found on anyone else - it's a process that could take 10 to 30 hours, but perfection takes time! Throughout the process, I'll send you updates so you can see the evolution of your design.

I can't wait to bring your vision to life!

An example of how I work.

In this example, it took about 8 sessions to complete (keep in mind color typically takes double the time than black and gray due to the amount of saturation involved)

Thank you again for your time and inquiry. Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below and I will be in correspondence with you shortly.

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Please read all the info above about pricing and wait time prior to submitting contact form.

ps- be sure to check your spam since some times our reply can end up in your spam box, i try to do my very best to respond, wether it be a yes or a no to your inquire, i will never just ignore you! If you havnt received a reply, please follow up with us again!

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