What the hell is an NFT?!

What the hell is an NFT?!

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token” meaning it cannot be copied or replicated or fake its authenticity.


Block-chain aka “crypto” technology allows for full transparency, showing who the creator of the NFT is and who and however many people have purchased it, creating a sort of “digital receipt” with every transaction.


As an artist, we are able to set a royalty fee, meaning that after the art is sold, when its then placed back on the market, the original creator of the NFT (in this case the original artist) will receive a royalty or commission from each sale, the perfect balance of keeping the original creator in mind.


What do you do with an NFT?

There's multiple use cases and different ways artists offer their NFTs, some artist create “trading cards” nfts that are similar to how you would collect a baseball card, some artist also send a physical signed print of the nft and some artist attach physical paintings along with the nft, to be honest the sky is the limit! 


But to better answer the question we must look at the current digital evolution of our world, screens are dominating our wall space, right now is a 60inch tv, tomorrow will be a 60inch digital frame with the still image or animation of the digital artwork you authentically own.


Still confused? 

People often say "I can just screenshot it" but it's deeper than that. There are many copies of the Mona Lisa but only the original one holds truest value. As technology progresses, NFT art is the future for both Digital and Physical art!


How to buy?


Here's a quick step by step on how to buy NFTs on enter.art


1- Create a TrustWallet or Metamask wallet

2- buy BNB (BEP-2) then swap for BNB (BEP-20)

3- Go to PancakeSwap and swap BNB (BEP-20) to NFT-ART.finance or paste their contact address (0xF7844CB890F4C339c497aeAb599aBDc3c874B67A)

4- Go over to Enter.Art , connect your wallet, then buy artwork with NFT-ART.finance token 

5 - The most important step, ENJOY YOUR ART! 

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