DeathGrip back in STOCK!!

DeathGrip back in STOCK!!

The wait is over!

Took a while to get this next batch because there were a few things I wanted to change about previous packaging to make it much more secure, thicker box, foam inserts along with cut out inserts to hold on to the base to insure that even if the postal man plays soccer with the box that it would have a much higher chance of getting to you safely!! 

 But we are finally back in stock!!!

Any questions feel free to drop us a comment and we'l get back to you asap! 


- Javi

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Hello… when are you supposed to get the death grip holders back in stock? My husband has been begging for one. And I was trying for Christmas but the are out of stock. Please let me know when they will be back in stock!

Amanda Mixon

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