Our Tattoo Artists

Javi's Bio

Born in 1987 Javi Antunez has always had a mind for the arts even at a young age. In his teens he spent countless hours with a pencil or brush at hand but there was always a voice urging for more, something with more permanent mark, and so he stumbled across the art of tattooing in 2007. He began his apprenticeship soon there after, and within a years time he had needle to skin, permanently leaving a piece of his soul in every piece he did. Javi opened Tattooed Theory in 2011 to offer what no other studio in Miami can offer- Expertise and dedication to the art, you enter Tattooed Theory a client, and you leave as part of the family! Now with more than 10 years of experience, he still works with the same passion that he had when he first began!

Channing's Bio

Born in 1987, Channing Hiraldo has been an artist her entire life, born and raised in New York, her and her family moved to Miami FL, in 2003, there she found her new passion, tattooing! Channing has always loved the art of tattoos and in 2014 she began her journey to be a tattoo artist. Channing joined the Tattooed Theory family in the beginning of 2017, ever since she has been able to flourish and grow her talents to new heights, leaving her mark as a custom artist at Tattooed Theory Customs, Inc.!!

Jen's Bio

Jennifer Perez is an extremely talented Make up artist, and has been for over a decade! Her portfolio reigns from working with famous celebrities to working with renowned musicians and artists, in 2016 she decided to make her craft a beautiful permanent one adding Permanent Makeup and Micro blading to her vast set of skills, she is able to transform not only someone facial features but also uplift there esteem by making her clients as beautiful as they can be! now working with Tattooed Theory, she is able to offer her clients an atmosphere that is like no other studio in Miami and Hialeah!

Oli's Bio

Oli Garcia met Javier Antunez in 2012 and it was love at first sight! before they had their 2 children, Andromeda and Calypso, Oli wanted to venture away from the monotony of Realestate and get involved in tattoo removal, from there she offered in Tattooed Theory what no other studio at the time was offering, a better course for coverups and regretful tattoos. Oli assisted other studios working with victims of human trafficking helping them transform the tragedy from their past into a brighter future where the tattoos that were used as symbols of horrific human trafficking were faded and removed away so that the victims never have to relive the moments every time they look at their skin. Now Oli does tattoo removal full time at Tattooed Theory allowing clients to fully remove unwanted tattoos from other studios and helping our artists do the best cover-ups they can do. Javi is the pencil and Oli is the eraser, a Tattooed Theory family like no other!